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Welcome to our GRK 1896 Homepage!

The doctoral program GRK 1896 “In situ Microscopy with Electrons, X-rays and Scanning Probes” combines, for the first time, three pillars of nanocharacterization into a structured research training group. The main objective of this program is to provide the next generation of scientists and engineers with comprehensive, method-spanning and interdisciplinary training in the application of cutting-edge nanocharacterization tools to materials and device development. Our PhD candidates are well-positioned in a network of international collaborations and highly trained in multiple, complementary techniques, providing them with an essential foundation for a successful career in the field of advanced materials and devices development.

Congratulations, Dr.-Ing. Florian Niekiel, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erik Bitzek and Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Erdmann Spiecker! The Cluster of Excellence (EAM, Engineering of Advanced Materials) selects the high-resolution TEM image of a fivefold twinned silver nanowire as picture of the month April 2017! Re...

The PhD defence of Mr. Florian Niekiel took place on 27. Jan. 2017. With his extraordinary work of “Solid-state Dewetting of Metallic Thin Films studied by Advanced in situ Electron Microscopy Techniques”, he has been awarded with the title Dr.-Ing. with overall grade “summa cum laude”.