International symposium

International Symposium “In Situ Microscopy with Electrons, X-rays and Scanning Probes”

The focus of the satellite symposium “In Situ Microscopy with Electrons, X-rays and Scanning Probes” at the ICEAM2017 lies on recent advances in the direct study of material processes under the influence of external stimuli such as temperature, mechanical strain, magnetic/electric fields and chemical environments and their simulation by scale-bridging modelling techniques. The symposium aims to provide a forum for discussion between researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and abroad and distinguished invited experts to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of new developments in the rapidly evolving field of complementary in situ microscopy and simulation techniques. Applicants will have the chance to present their research in form of a talk or poster in the categories of Functional Nanostructures and Networks, Mechanical Properties of Interfaces, and Modelling of Processes at the Nanoscale and to participate in fruitful discussions on cutting-edge nanoscale materials research strongly related to the ICEAM congress.