• 18.12.2013

    Introduction to X-ray and Neutron Scattering Techniques (Prof. T. Unruh) with Lab Tour

  • 04.12.2013

    Introduction to Electron Microscopy (Prof. E. Spiecker) with Lab Tour, Graduates Meeting (Election of Representatives, …)

  • 28.11.2013

    Introduction to Scanning Probe Methods (Prof. S. Maier) with Lab Tour

  • 14.11.2013

    Talk by Prof. M. Legros “In situ TEM investigation of the mechanical behaviour of sub-micron Al fibers” (CEMES-CNRS Toulouse, France)

  • 07.11.2013

    First GRK1896 Colloquium: Talk by Prof. W.B. Gerberich “Brittleness Transitions in Wear: Strength,Strain Rate, Structure and Scale” (University of Minnesota, USA)

  • July 2013

    The GRK1896 is open for applications deadline August 15th, 2013

  • May 2013

    The DFG establishes 11 new Research Training Groups, among these the GRK 1896 “In situ Microscopy with Electrons, X-rays and Scanning Probes” see DFG Press release