GRK final symposium

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The final GRK Symposium, which took place on the 23rd and 24th of June 2022, hosted a well-balanced mixture of talks given by the GRK PhDs, former GRK members and external speakers. The symposium nicely reflects the variety of scientific topics ranging from thin films, nano and energy materials to state-of-the art developments in situ microscopy with X-rays, electrons and scanning probes as well as data handling and modelling. Despite the broad range of topics covered, in particular the project presentations demonstrated the established cooperations and synergies between the different GRK sub-projects.
Overall, we are proud of the high scientific quality of our internal PhD talks, the deep connection of former PhD members, who gave great talks about their current research, the high quality of established external speakers and the outstanding support of our advisory board, which supported the GRK over the years, contributed by three invited talks and further gave very vivid input during the discussions of the symposium!