• 17.12.2015

    Tutorial Electron Microscopy I+II by Prof. Spiecker

  • 10.12.2015

    Talk by Tilo Schmutzler, GRK Christmas Party

  • 03.12.2015

    Mini-Lecture about “Electron energy-loss near edge structure (ELNES)” by Simon Kraschewski, “Recent advances in Aluminium induced layer exchange with Germanium” by Janis Wirth

  • 26.11.2015

    Talk by Manuela Göbelt

  • 19.11.2015

    Talk by Björn Hoffmann

  • 05.11.2015

    Talk by Xiaoyan Du, Talk by Andreas Schiener

  • 29.09.-02.10.2015

    Summer School 2015

  • 11.08.2015

    Softskill Seminar (Voice Training): Follow-up, Group II (9:00-17:00)

  • 23.07.2015

    Softskill Seminar (Voice Training): Follow-up, Group I  (9:00-17:00)

  • 16.07.2015

    Weekly Seminar: Talks by Jan Phillip Liebig and Stefan Romeis (16:30)

  • 14.07.2015

    WW-Colloquium: Dr. Günther Richter – “Growth and Properties of (Nano-) Whiskers (5 p.m.)

  • 09.07.2015

    Weekly Seminar: Talk by Patrick Herre, “Nanomanipulation in the SEM” by Uwe Mick

  • 07.07.2015

    Symposium: “Current Challenges in Structural Physics”

  • 03.07.2015

    Softskill Seminar: Voice Training

  • 02.07.2015

    Weekly Seminar: Talk by Nadine Schrenker, Talk by Jonas Paul

  • 25.06.2015

    Weekly Seminar: Talk by Xiaoyan Du, “Status quo: Si diffusion and precipitation in Al during the Al-induced layer exchange (AlILE) process” by Simon Kraschewski

  • 18.06.2015

    Weekly Seminar: Talk by Manuela Göbelt, “In-situ SAXS/WAXS studies on the formation of quantum dots in free liquid jets and drops” by Andreas Schiener

  • 07.05.2015

    Weekly Seminar: Talk by Mirza Mackovic

  • 30.04.2015

    Inauguration of the new Titan Themis3 300 and the Institute of Micro- and Nanostructure Research (Start: 10 a.m.)
    Symposium Advanced Electron Microscopy for Materials Research (Start: 2 p.m.)

  • 17.04.2015

    Tutorial: “Introduction to small-scale mechanics of materials” by Dr. Johann Michler (Empa)

  • 16.04.2015

    Seminar: “In situ nanomechanical testing: variable strain rates and variable temperatures”  by Dr. Johann Michler (Empa)

  • 23.03.2015

    Special seminar: “Plastic deformation and strengthening mechanism of metals with nano-scale twins” by Prof. Lei Lu (Start: 11 a.m.)

  • 29.01.2015

    Talk by Patrick Seitz, and “STM-Based Spectroscopies of Single Molecules and Dopants” by Richard Berndt (Start: 5:15 – 6:45 p.m., Room H2)

  • 22.01.2015

    “Plasmonic gold nanocone antennas with tunable resonances” by Björn Hoffmann, “Compression tests of inclined graphite pillars” by Peter Schweizer

  • 20.01.2015

    WW Colloquium – Prof. Dr. Marc Seefeld (KU Leuven): “Stress in Steels – lessons for constitutive modelling and microstructural design”

  • 14.-15.01.2015

    Excursion to EMPA and PSI

  • 08.01.2015

    “From theory to experiment: modern scattering methods and their application in materials science, part V” by Prof. T. Unruh, and related Talk by Tilo Schmutzler