Report: DPG Symposium “Correlative and in situ Microscopy in Materials Research” coorganized by GRK 1896

The DPG symposium about “Correlative and in situ Microscopy in Materials Research” previously announced on the website was a huge success.

All talks were of high quality and often accompanied by lively discussions. The attendance toped around 200 people, never falling below 50. Although the international and invited speakers set a high bar, the GRK members were able to contribute on an equally high level. In addition, the conscientious preparation of the GRK students resulted in two poster prizes, which equals to a 100% win rate within the metal and material physics DPG section. Congratulations Vaid Aviral and Birk Fritsch!

Thanks to our funding by the DPG, we were able to organize a conference dinner for all speakers. Like in the symposium, the attendance was high and accompanied by a scientific conversation across all participating work groups and academic levels.

Thanks all for contributing!